A Heartfelt Wedding at the National Arts Centre


In the heart of Ottawa, Zeba and Amir joyfully celebrated their union at the National Arts Centre. From the very beginning, Zeba had a vision for a day that not only captured their love but also embraced the joy and excitement shared with their favorite people—friends and family.

Zeba expressed her desire to not only see the elegance of their classic wedding day reflected in the photos but also to feel the happiness and excitement that surrounded them. This sentiment guided the photography, aiming to preserve the essence of the day, mirroring the timeless and elegant atmosphere they sought.

The celebration seamlessly blended their distinct cultural backgrounds, a reflection of the love that had grown over the seven years they had spent together. I remember Zeba’s original inquiry highlighting their journey of growth, learning, and deepening bonds, which to me made it clear that this day was not just about two people but about a community coming together to celebrate.

Amir stood by her side throughout the day, and his tears – a poignant expression of his deep feelings – added a touching and genuine element to throughout their wedding celebration. Zeba’s initial words about sharing her life with Amir echoed through the day, creating a magical and heartwarming atmosphere. It is so clear how much these two respect and love one another.

This is the visual journey of Zeba and Amir’s wedding day. You’ll soon see how their day was a seamless fusion of cultures, and the heartfelt moments that define a love that has grown stronger year after year.

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Chelsea Gurr, Ontario based wedding & Portrait Photographer

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